Build your Biz like a Boss Workbook

Build your Biz like a Boss Workbook


Overwhelmed by all the different aspects of starting a business?

Not sure where to start or if you even should? This four-part workbook is designed to cover the basics of starting and building a beautiful brand from the ground up. Set your own pace and dive into a business plan like you’ve never seen before (one that’s actually kind of fun!)

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This workbook will cover:

  • Setting achievable but challenging goals

  • Action planning that isn’t overwhelming

  • Creating a beautiful brand vision

  • Honing your brand’s voice

  • Targeting your audience

  • Creating content and making a marketing plan

  • Understanding what kind of legal, financial and operational services you may need to get legit

We created this workbook to answer the most burning and persistent questions we hear over and over again at our live workshops and events. Based on years of working with entrepreneurs and brands looking to grow, our workbooks are thoughtfully designed to help move you through each exercise in a way that will make you think hard, have fun and get your creative juices flowing. No matter what kind of business you’re building, this workbook can help you get all those ideas out of your head, down on paper and into a plan that doesn’t terrify you.

Be the boss you were born to be.